What To Do With Old Toys?

April 8, 2021

My guy and I were musing not too long ago about what can be done with sex toys you no longer use or used once and did not like. As a sex toy reviewer, I have a suitcase full of toys that has now leaked into an under-the-bed plastic bin. Most of them I do not use. Many I used just once or twice to test out.

In most cases, it is not that I didn’t like the toy; mostly it is I liked others better. So what do I do with these spares?

I thought about selling them, but there is no venue, outside of Craigslist, which will allow used toy sales. Of course all of mine are cleaned and sanitized, but I can see how many people just would not take that added step, no matter how much better it would be for the toy and for their own health.

He came up with the idea of a sort of contest – Best Inventive Ways to Rejuvenate a Sex Toy That Just Didn’t Quite Work. Bonus points if the attempt makes you giggle or end up in peals of laughter. This is all about fun, after all.

If you’d like to give me ideas or tell me of your own attempts, please free to contact me here. I would like to know. I would also mention them in my podcast, anonymously if you so choose.

Talk Talk

March 24, 2021

I started a podcast! The first episode is a little rough technically. I promise things will get better as I figure out the proper ways to edit! Please check it out and feel free to contribute!


Thanks again to my friends at Sohimi.com for sponsoring my pod! Are you looking for a variety of high quality sex toys? Visit https://www.sohimi.com/?ref=jtbjxm5uuwu1 for fun toys! You get 20% off using that link, no code needed!

TOY TEST – Sohimi Wearable Thrusting Vibrator

March 20, 2021

The Sohimi wearable vibrator is packaged discreetly in a white box with just the brand name on it. The back side does have some description on it, but if you aren’t looking for it, there is nothing on the package to tell what lies inside. It comes in a plastic tray die cut specifically for this item (see photo above). One thing that really impressed me is that it came with an EXTRA button battery for the remote. I thought the battery that was in the baggie was for the remote so I opened the remote to put it in, only to find a battery already there. I find this a step above a lot of companies that come with no batteries whatsoever. This also come with a magnetic charging cord for the toy itself. But the item is charged enough already out of the box for a good test.

I ran the toy through it’s settings right away (see video). I was very pleased at how strong the vibe itself seemed. It “walked” across my desk with little effort.

The toy is quite heavy. Perhaps too heavy for everyday wear, but very good for bed or for sitting. (Perhaps good for a “torture” scene where one person is zapping the person wearing the vibe.) I inserted it and tried to wear it to the store, but it was too heavy to do so. It was also a little long/tall to wear outside, as it kept slipping out of me. This is not a detriment, however. It is a good strong vibe, just not one that is discreet for outdoor use. It would be great for indoor sports. The motor is strong, perhaps a bit loud, and definitely did its job on me.

Overall I would give this toy a solid 4, the only bad points being it being called a wearable when it really is not stealthy enough to be used in a public setting. If you’re more adventurous, however, go for it. If I had been able to keep it more firmly in place, I would have gone to the store with it, despite the loud motor.

Video of this test will be on my Pornhub account starting Wednesday March 24, 2021, at https://www.pornhub.com/model/markiemoo1138

To order this toy, and get 20% off, please visit through this link –https://www.sohimi.com/?ref=jtbjxm5uuwu1 – no code needed! Just search “Wearable Vibrator”. You can also order other high-quality toys and save 20% using that link!

TOY TEST – Sohimi Mini Rose Sucking Toy

March 14, 2021

From Sohimi.com – | Rose Clit Sucker | Clitoral Vibrator – Rose Vibrator | Rose Clit Sucker | Clitoral Vibrator: it can be used in solo play or a foreplay game, sucking your nipples, ears, clitoris, anus, or any other sensitive areas, this rose vibrator can make you wet so quickly. And, it is powered by a strong motor, this rose vibrator has 7 different suction modes. What’s more, it support USB Charging, and it is Waterproof. Keywords: rose vibrator, rose clit sucker, Sohimi, Sohimi sex toy.

I was very impressed with the packaging of this toy. It rested prettily in nest of pale pink shredded tissue, shrouded in a cloth bag. Once opened, the toy was enclosed in a plastic bag to show it was a new, clean item.

It comes with a nice magnetic stand charger and can actually be mistaken as a decoration rather than a toy.

I ran through the cycles on my fingers first and was glad to feel some suction on them. However, when I went to use the toy itself, I was disappointed — at first. I will admit that I was about to call the toy an utter failure — until I got it seated properly. Then… wowee! I quickly changed my opinion. This little toy packs some power! I quickly grew excited and cycled through the settings several times. I finally settled on the highest straight setting and just let it do what it does best — suck my clit!

This toy is a fine sucker! I got off easily using it! I would give it 4 out of 5, perhaps 4.5 out of 5. The shape is pleasing and pretty. The power is stronger than it first seems. It may take a bit to find the correct placement, but once you do, you will NOT be disappointed!

Video of this test will be on my Pornhub account starting Wednesday March 17, 2021, at https://www.pornhub.com/model/markiemoo1138

To order this toy, and get 20% off, please visit through this link –https://www.sohimi.com/?ref=jtbjxm5uuwu1 – no code needed! Just search “Rose Vibrator”. You can also order other high-quality toys and save 20% using that link!

MM’s Back

February 26, 2021

And in full force. Every day, pretty much all day long. Usually a break around dinner time, but he usually jumps back on right before bed. For the last 10 days. I keep waiting for him to disappear again.

I don’t know what brought him back so hard. I’m definitely not complaining. I won’t ask. It’s been nearly a year now since we really really had a good open line of communication. Maybe he missed me as much as I missed him.Maybe he’s frustrated. Maybe everything.

I am so grateful he’s back. And as cheeky as ever. Lots of pics and vids and interaction. Planning on getting together once things lighten up more. Damn Covid.

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