TOY TEST – Funzze Soft Teasing Stimulator

September 19, 2022 This toy caught my attention because it reminded me of a recurring message I kept receiving from someone on Pornhub. This person wanted to pay me to masturbate with a hairbrush and insert it bristles down. When I finally wearied of his constant babble, I told him I would do it .Continue reading “TOY TEST – Funzze Soft Teasing Stimulator”

ChatOpinion – The Online Portal of Webcam Models and Performers

(sponsored) Ultimately after much thinking, you register for a webcam service. After finishing your profile and adding images, you had to wait. “Then what? When can I start making money from camming? Why don’t I get the tens of thousands of visitors promised?” These are some of the questions you start asking yourself. However, Relax!Continue reading “ChatOpinion – The Online Portal of Webcam Models and Performers”

TOY TEST – BigShocked Unicorn horn in Aurora

September 10, 2022 BigShocked is an appropriately named business: they make them big and most of their designs are shocking. That being said, the Unicorn horn in Aurora black seems benign, even sweet-tempered, in its catalog of monster, animal, and fantasy toys. While so many of their toys are gnarled or mottled with knots, suckers,Continue reading “TOY TEST – BigShocked Unicorn horn in Aurora”

TOY TEST – Leyuto Electroshock Anal Vibrator Butt Plug

September 8, 2022 I have used electro-stim products before. I have a TENS Unit we use for play. But it is a much different feeling when that shock is coming from inside you. This toy is NOT for beginners for two reasons: 1. The size, and 2. The shock. And possibly 3. The shape. ThisContinue reading “TOY TEST – Leyuto Electroshock Anal Vibrator Butt Plug”

TOY TEST – Enweyci Clitoral Licker Vibrator

September 4, 2022 Licking tongue toys are always fun, but I found this one to be a bit underpowered. Still my guy noticed how excited I became using it. I didn’t feel all that excited, but he could see the fruits of my labor. To switch it up a bit, I turned it around andContinue reading “TOY TEST – Enweyci Clitoral Licker Vibrator”