TOY TEST – Sohimi Rose Queen Clitoral Sucking & G Spot Vibrator

October 13, 2021 This is another well-packaged product from Sohimi. While I already had the rose sucker aline, engineering it with a good g-spot vibrator makes this toy even more desirable. One thing I have discovered about clit suckers is that they are not good for short-term use. In fact, whenever I start to useContinue reading “TOY TEST – Sohimi Rose Queen Clitoral Sucking & G Spot Vibrator”

TOY TEST – Lanen G-Spot Mini Vibrator

October 6, 2021 So often when I get toys I forget that certain features come with them because that feature does not work well. This is often the case with “warming” modes on sex toys. I have had many that come with the button, but when pressed seem to do nothing. This product, however, hasContinue reading “TOY TEST – Lanen G-Spot Mini Vibrator”

Unconditional Love in Marriage

October 1, 2021 Does unconditional love truly exist in a marriage? A friend of mine, who is also in an affair, sent me the following by Kristina Flour on “Unsplash” ( “Basically it was this. There were fundamental parts of himself, really important parts of him, that he felt his wife had rejected or thatContinue reading “Unconditional Love in Marriage”

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