TOY TEST – Big Shocked / Sohimi Mini Sex Machine

January 21, 2021 My initial thoughts on this machine was not good, to be truthful. My first surprise was when I opened the box from and found this item to be manufactured and supplied by my old friends at I was not disappointed — I know all too well the kinds of productsContinue reading “TOY TEST – Big Shocked / Sohimi Mini Sex Machine”

TOY TEST – Big Shocked “German Shepherd”

January 2, 2022 First of all, this thing is a monster! Which is fitting since is an up-and-coming name to be reckoned with in the fantasy dildo business. Fantasy dildos have come a long way in the past few years. Once mentioned only stealthily with lots of side-eye, only one or two companies evenContinue reading “TOY TEST – Big Shocked “German Shepherd””

Piece of the Old Life in the Trash

December 18, 2021 I don’t know what to say. It’s confusing at times. My MM bought me a whole new bed outfit for Christmas. New slat frame and memory foam mattress. My old one was falling apart. We were just chatting the other day about hotel rooms (he’s on the road temporarily to train hisContinue reading “Piece of the Old Life in the Trash”

TOY TEST – Sohimi ALFA Sucking Vibrator Thrusting Dildo

December 12, 2021 This is the best toy yet from Sohimi – one I will be returning to over and over. I think they have knocked it out of the park with their innovative tail/vine design. It makes the toys so much more versatile. You can stimulate various parts of your body alone or inContinue reading “TOY TEST – Sohimi ALFA Sucking Vibrator Thrusting Dildo”

TOY TEST – Sohimi Rose Tongue Licking Vibrator with Egg

December 5, 2021 The design of this toy is quite interesting. Sohimi took their signature rose mold and added a moving “tongue”. On the end of a flexible tail, they added a vibrating egg designed to look like a rosebud. Altogether, this is a strikingly beautiful toy. But one that could benefit from a remoteContinue reading “TOY TEST – Sohimi Rose Tongue Licking Vibrator with Egg”

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