TOY TEST – Amortoy Pro 69 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

June 27, 2021

I was very disappointed by the sucker on this. There was little to no suction on it – it wouldn’t even stick to my finger.

HOWEVER the flicking end was incredible! The different patterns and intensities more than make up for the lack of suction. This part of the toy got me off quickly and several times in a row. This toy would be much better with a remote control.

One other thing – the magnetic charger is not a great option. They become dislodged easily. I prefer toys with a push-in charger. They are less likely to be interrupted while charging and perhaps not charge at all.

But this is overshadowed by the flicking end. The two tails make for an intense sensation. Would recommend for this feature only.

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TOY TEST – Sohimi Anal Bead Plug

June 21, 2021


When can a company make a butt plug that is challenging?

It may seem odd for me to say. This toy looks challenging, with the various size beads, but it just isn’t big enough.

I suppose for some people it is quite intimidating. It is very comfortable and actually is easy to insert (the stem is strong and thick enough to push on without wobbling or collapsing), but the size was disappointing. At least to me.

But the motor is great! And the various cycles are fun. The battery life is longer than most toys I have used recently, lasting a little over a half hour. The remote seems to have good range.

One other slight problem I encountered was the magnetic charger. I much prefer push-in chargers. Magnetic ends can dislodge easily if moved or accidentally pushed.

Other than that, this is a good toy. I give it a 3.5. It could use some modification, but still good to play with, and great to wear out shopping with its longer battery life.

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Writing Sample

June 17, 2021

Jenny was being a brat again.
I told her specifically not to be out too late but here it was 11:00 p.m. And she was still gone.
She said she was out with friends, but how could I be sure? She could be out with Tony for all I know.
And I strictly forbade that relationship.
Oh, here she is now. I can hear the key in the door.
I stand in the hallway, my arms crossed. She tries to sneak in quietly, but as soon as she sees me her demeanor changes. I can smell the alcohol on her breath.
“What have you been drinking?” I ask her.
She lowers her head. “I’m sorry Daddy. Kayla and Bridget and I did go to the restaurant like I said. But they were all drinking so I had some too. I swear I’m not drunk.”
“I can smell you,” I say, and step closer to her and sniff. Another scent wafted from her. “Is that musk I smell?”
She lowers her head further.
“Tell me, Jenny. If I find out later you’re lying, the punishment will be harder.”
She looks up at me. “Tony was there,” she admits.
I ball my hands into fists, trying to keep my anger down. “To you room!” I order, and point the way. She slinks by, brushing up against me as she passes.
My cock inflames. I am already hard due to the situation, knowing her punishment is coming.
Now her brattiness is making me even more horny. I follow her down the hall.
She opens the door to her room. It is pink and stuffed animals are everywhere. She only sleeps here when she is naughty and she knows she has done wrong. I cannot have her in my bed after she has been with Tony. She knows that.
“What should I do with you?” I ask, my cock tenting the fly of my pants.
“Punish me, Daddy,” she says. She climbs on all fours onto the bed and presents her ass to me.
I slowly pull her silky panties down over her ass cheeks. I take the time to warm up her skin, rubbing it lightly. Then I pull back and smack her hard with my hand.
“Count for me!” I say.
“One!” she calls, gasping.
I smack her again, just getting warmed up. Then again. She calls out the numbers. I watch her skin turn pink, and then red as I alternate sides. By the time I get to seven, she has tears in her eyes.
“Are you sorry for what you did?” I ask her.
She turns to be with big blue eyes. “Yes Daddy.” she says. “I am so sorry.”
I unzip my fly. My cock springs out, purple and pulsing.
“Suck me,” I say.
She takes my cock into her mouth, her ruby lips suck me in. I lean my head back and relax, letting her work me. This is her favorite way to apologize to me and there was no way I was going to let the opportunity slip by.

Back to Normal(?)

June 2, 2021

My guy’s wife went back to work at her office last week. My guy got his work call and will going back to his own job in August.

With his wife back at the office this has allowed us more time to talk. I am grateful for this time. More talking means more flirting and more outrageous comedy from both of us. I feel appreciated and wanted. We are planning to meet up in late fall, if not beforehand.

Meanwhile, my ex has finally accepted he will be going to Assisted Living. I have spent a lot of time and effort (and money – did you know you have to furnish everything in the room yourself, including the bed?) in getting his room ready. Now we are waiting for his insurance to kick in and say they will pay for it. Who knows how long that may take.

This is the first day in weeks I have felt somewhat relaxed. I didn’t go visit him though he was pressuring me to be there for a phone assessment he had with the insurance company. I made him handle it on his own. I hope it goes through. I cannot deal with all his problems anymore. He was in the hospital again over the weekend, and he may be going back tonight. He needs to be somewhere where there is medical staff.

Hopefully this will be my new normal. Hopefully I won’t have to move from here and into low income (of which there are none available, only waiting lists.) (I will not have the ex’s income to fall back on – so PLEASE subscribe to my OnlyFans: I desperately need the income!) Hopefully things will settle down to “normal” — whatever that is.

Update to the Update

May 27, 2021

Update on my ex – he is still in physical therapy rehab. He has to remain there until his Medicaid kicks in to cover the cost of Assisted Living. He is adjusting well and now realizes this will be the best for both of us. Meanwhile I am running all over trying to get furniture and all the other necessities of life for his new place. It is a small studio apartment (all that Medicaid and SSD will pay for) so I am trying to make it homey for him. There’s also a gazillion things I need to do for paperwork – accounts to get changed over, insurance to deal with, coordinating and re-scheduling doctors. And in the midst of it all, I had to run down to my son’s (200 miles away) and take him to an appointment. This worked out, though, since I was able to then bring him back here to help with hauling and everything, as well as visit his Dad. I think things will start settling down once I take him back to his place over the weekend.

Oh, and found out my car needs brakes badly! It was very embarrassing to drive it with all that grinding. But it wasn’t giving me any notice or problems until I got down to my son’s. Of course. 🙄 Luckily I have my ex’s car to drive until I have the time and money to take it in.


May 23, 2021

Please be aware I will be stepping away from my Pornhub to concentrate on my new OnlyFans account.

In light of very recent circumstances, I need income more than ever.

Please subscribe here –

I will still do some uploads to Pornhub (mainly because OnlyFans does not allow watersports) but the majority of my content will now be on OnlyFans.

My OnlyFans will have exclusive content, including face reveals.

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