TOY TEST – Adam and Eve’s Finger Vibe Makes Fingering Fun

April 21, 2021

They say first impressions matter, but in the case of this little vibrator, looks can be deceiving.

This vibe looks so unassuming – small, no bigger than your finger in width and length, colored a pastel pink to soothe you – but there is a lot of fun in this small package.

Remember: your mother always told you good things come in small packages – or in this case, cum.

And this toy is indeed small. Measuring only 3.35 inches in length, it is not even an inch wide. It is perfect to hide in a pocket or purse for pleasure on-the-go. I did use mine during a lone boring hotel stay after found I had indeed stashed it away in my purse for future use. It made that trip much more pleasurable.

Packaged in a white box with a window to show the main product, the box is full of any information a person may need. It lists the size, functions, materials it is made from, as well as any other data the consumer may need. It is almost too much information, but it is good to have it all handy to help you make an informed decision.

The vibe is made of silicone and is also covered in a sleeve of silicone which is smooth and flexible. It can bend to fit confined or tight places. It is Latex free, so there are no worries about allergic reactions if you are sensitive. The head also had some nubs on it that adds added friction to massage you and make you moan. Even better, the sleeve can be removed for a whole other set of sensations. Yet it is also pleasing to the eye as it has chrome finish to it. It is easy to hold as it has a ring you can slip onto a finger. The ring seemed a little big and did I wish for a more adjustable option, but I discovered if I moved it to a different finger, it fit better and I was still able to control and guide the toy right where I wanted it. You can curl your finger around the curved tip to direct it exactly where you want it.

The material also makes the toy waterproof as well as submersible. This is a fantastic option as it allows for play in the bathtub or shower, or for use during watersports. Place the tip against your urethral opening and expect a good shake up which may leave it soaked.

Shaking you up is what this little toy is best at. It has 10 functions, ranging from vibration, to pulsation, to escalation. I do wish it had settings for different levels of intensity rather than patterns, but that is a minor concern. The little motor has been described by others as almost too intense and it did leave my clit numb after playing, but that energy is what makes the toy so exciting.

I like the fact that this is a re-chargeable toy, which is what I believe all sex toy manufacturers should strive for in their products. No more clunky batteries. This hooks up through a standard USB cord (which is supplied) and is good to go within a few hours. Even better, it comes out of the box ready to go so you don’t have to wait for it to charge up before playtime. All you need to do is press the power button for two seconds and she’s ready to have fun. Once turned on, the charge lasts for a good 45-50 minutes, which is more than twice what most toys seem to hold.

This is a great toy for everyone. It can be used on nipples, anus, clitoris, and even the tip of the penis and on the testicles. Don’t be shy and feel free to explore what areas feel right to you. There is virtually no limit on where this can be used. It is perfect for couples’ play because of this. The vibrations rumble through you entire body and leave you gasping.

Overall, I give this toy a solid 4.5. It is small, compact, and has the capacity to last, probably longer than you do.

You can find the toy here ( You can enter the promo code DESTERA at check-out to receive a 50% discount on this or almost any other single toy from the Adam and Eve catalog! Please note this site and offer is open only to those 18 years of age or older and does not apply to taxes or shipping and handling charges.

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Been Busy

April 19, 2021

I feel like I’ve been running my ass off since April 1. Here’s a list of what I’ve done since then:

– drove to a resort to meet my brother

-hit 3 casinos and a thrift store in one day

-drove another 1 1/2 to pick up my kid-drove kid back here with a stop at IKEA on the way

-moved furniture

-got new flooring in kitchen

-cleaned out half my garage into a dumpster (still a bit to go but dumpster was full)

-drove my kid back to his place and back here (8 hour round trip)

-counseling apot

-get caught up on writing/podcasting/videos

-Celebrate my brothers birthday (thrift store, casino (x2); drag show)

-OB/GYN appt

-dog to groomer

-dr video visit for ex

-another counselingapot

-2nd dose COVID vaccine

-Upper GI this morning

And tomorrow I have a mammogram

And still dealing with stomach issues/diarrhea/tenderness

And throw talking to my guy in there too 🙂

After that I may be able to rest a bit
I am feeling really run down and wonder if it’s time for another blood transfusion

TOY TEST – Dual Stimulator Plug

April 14, 2021

This has to overall be one of the most fun toys I have ever used!

I loved the dual action! Note, though: The plug end was large and probably not great for a beginner as it gave me quite a stretch. You might be able to switch it around and use the smaller end anally.

Once in place and turned on, I was at first disappointed that I could not feel much from the smaller end in my vagina. That quickly changed as I held it in more firmly. Then the rumbles started quite hard and I was overwhelmed. Later I sat on it rather than held it in and was quite pleased with the results.

The vibration strength is able to be adjusted through the remote and it’s good that it has different levels of intensity as well as various patterns of escalation and pulsation. It’s easy to find one that will make you shudder!

It is also completely waterproof so it can be good for bathtub, shower, pool or toilet! It is good for men and women both as it can reach the elusive male g-spot and easily find the woman’s. The dual heads can tickle prostate, testicles, nipples, clit, and so many more places,

Of course it is re-chargeable, which is the wave of the future for sex toys. It also has a remote for short-distance play. I can’t wait to wear mine out shopping one day.

I give this toy a high 5-star rating! It is almost perfect! The plug end could be slightly smaller (never thought I’d say that!) to fit more people. Otherwise it is loads of fun!

You can find the item here – You can use the promo code DESTERA at checkout to save 10%

But to save 20%, use the link no code needed. Search “butt plugs” and this item is on the second page.

For a wide variety of Clitoral vibes, visit and enter promo code DESTERA for 10% off.

Video of my test will be on my Pornhub page at starting Sunday April 18.

As always, visit my website for links to all my stuff!

What To Do With Old Toys?

April 8, 2021

My guy and I were musing not too long ago about what can be done with sex toys you no longer use or used once and did not like. As a sex toy reviewer, I have a suitcase full of toys that has now leaked into an under-the-bed plastic bin. Most of them I do not use. Many I used just once or twice to test out.

In most cases, it is not that I didn’t like the toy; mostly it is I liked others better. So what do I do with these spares?

I thought about selling them, but there is no venue, outside of Craigslist, which will allow used toy sales. Of course all of mine are cleaned and sanitized, but I can see how many people just would not take that added step, no matter how much better it would be for the toy and for their own health.

He came up with the idea of a sort of contest – Best Inventive Ways to Rejuvenate a Sex Toy That Just Didn’t Quite Work. Bonus points if the attempt makes you giggle or end up in peals of laughter. This is all about fun, after all.

If you’d like to give me ideas or tell me of your own attempts, please free to contact me here. I would like to know. I would also mention them in my podcast, anonymously if you so choose.

Talk Talk

March 24, 2021

I started a podcast! The first episode is a little rough technically. I promise things will get better as I figure out the proper ways to edit! Please check it out and feel free to contribute!

Thanks again to my friends at for sponsoring my pod! Are you looking for a variety of high quality sex toys? Visit for fun toys! You get 20% off using that link, no code needed!

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