TOY TEST – BabeJuicy Wearable Panty Vibrator

October 21, 2022

Again, unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to test out this toy’s best feature – the ability to use it in long-distance play with a partner. While I am in a long-distance relationship, our schedules have not allowed us the opportunity to have enough time to set up and use this product. I will report back once I have had the pleasure, but until then, I am reviewing this toy on its basic merits alone.

Though this listing states it is “wearable”, I found it a bit to large to wear for a long period of time. It also is a bit bulky that it could mess up your panty line, if you are concerned about that. But it is streamlined enough that it should nestle between you labia when sitting. I also found that it had a tendency to slip out a bit when walking and sometimes while standing probably due to its weight and size. You may want to wear a good snug pair of panties if going out in public with it.

Other than that, I really liked this you. It was a good length and width to slide in and pretty much stay seated unless doing some form of exercise. I really enjoyed the girth and shape – the ridges really helped the sensations. It seems a bit better designed than other panty vibrators I have used. The size and shape of it is actually designed to be suitable for a much wider range of body sizes than what is normally on the market.

The shape of the base is versatile – it can be used as a clitoral stimulator, or it can rub against your anus for a nice buzz there. The curved bulb at the end of the base can also be used as a vibrator if one so pleases.

Not only is it good for long distance, it comes with a remote to allow for public play. It’s always fun to give the remote to a lover or partner while out and about and see what might develop. This remote has a range of around 38-40 feet, which is pretty far for a remote toy. The motors are quiet so passers-by will not hear what is going on, though they may hear your moans of pleasure.

This also works via app (mainly for long-distance use), but the app can do much more. Besides running through the preset vibration patterns, the app also allows you to sync with music! There are a couple of songs built into the app, but you can also use your own music and create a playlist for playtime. I like rock so I was quite happy with the hard vibrations I was getting through the app.

This is a really good toy and sells at a fantastic price! App-driven long-distance toys usually range around $100 , but this one is selling for $39.99 right now! It is definitely worth price. I give it a 4.7 out of 5, even without being able to test the long distance capabilities. I have faith they will work just as well as the rest of the toy.

You can purchase the toy here –

Full video of the test of this toy will be on my Pornhub is early November –

TOY TEST – Funzze LED Display Wand Massager

October 20, 2022

Yes, I have a Hitachi Magic Wand, and yes it is one of my favorite toys. But this wand from Funzze may overtake it.

Although not quite as strong as a Hitachi (only because the Magic Wand plugs into an outlet for use), this toy packs a punch. It is also a lot lighter weight so it’s easier on your wrist and hands. It weighs only around half a pound, and is smaller in stature as well. I have broken my wrist twice and have a bit of arthritis in it as well as my fingers so this is a lot better for me to use. It is also cordless so you have more freedom with it. I find this a great asset as the plugs in my bathroom are not spaced well and often make it difficult to use my Hitachi.

Another plus is that this wand has 10 modes of operation, while a Hitachi has only two, high and low. Each mode also has four levels of intensity! The LED display on this shows you the intensity as well as the pattern so it’s easier to remember. The display also shows the battery level as well as how long you have used it.

I am also happy that this toy has the push pin charging. This is so much nicer than magnetic – you don’t have to worry about the connectors falling off. Each charge is good for one to two hours of use.

Because this toy is so lightweight, it’so easy to take with you when traveling. That is a huge plus in my book and helps earn it 4.8 stars out of 5. This is one product I will recommend to friends everywhere!

Purchase here –

Video of this test will be on my Pornhub in early November –

TOY TEST – Levett Stainless Steel Prostate Massager Anal Plug

October 19, 2022

One of the things that first struck me about this product was the main photo. Due to the reflections on the steel, it almost looks flat or scooped. But if you examine other photos of it, you realize there are actually two different plugs listed, so be careful when ordering. One is more scooped, and the other is more curved. I tested the curved one and will only be referring to it.

Another thing that drew me to it is it is a Stainless Steel Anal Toy. I really prefer steel and glass for their sturdiness as well as their cool temperature. This toy also has an added bonus of a jewel in it to make it more attractive. The one I received had a green jewel. It would be nice if you could choose which color you receive but that is just a very minor factor.

This toy comes in three sizes. I received the smallest size, measuring a total of about 3.07” including base (2.55” insertable) and about an inch wide. The other two sizes are approximately 3.8” long, and the largest being 4.92” total length. The steel gives a bit of weight to them so you can feel them nicely; weighing in at 1.94 oz., 3.8 oz., and 5.29 oz.

Seeing as I had the small size, I was able to insert it easily and without lube. I would say this is a great size for beginners. The coolness of the steel is soothing and it should be easy to use with lube. Do not be afraid of using lube! And there is never such a thing as too much lube!

I kept the plug in most of the day. It was very comfortable and I forgot I had it in at times. Again, though, I am used to wearing plugs. Be assured you do not need to wear it for hours at a time. If it gets uncomfortable, by all means remove it! You can always try again and work your way up to longer times and bigger sizes.

Removing it was the kicker for me. I like to try to push out plugs rather than pull them out with my hands. The curve on this toy actually gave me a bit of a challenge. It took me a couple of tries to get past the bend. I might not have been able to push out a larger one!

Being steel, the plug is very easy to clean. A little soap and water is really all it takes. Toy cleaners are good, but often unnecessary.

All in all this is a nice toy with visual appeal and a little bit of a challenge to it. I would give it a solid 4.25 on a scale of 1 to 5. I would be interested to see if I could manage the largest size. It was also shipped very discreetly and came with a cloth bag for storage.

You may order your Stainless Steel Anal Toy at the Levett website –

My test of this toy is available on my Pornhub –

TOY TEST – Sensivo G-Spot and Clitoral Dual Stimulator

October 15, 2022

One thing about this toy is it certainly looks interesting. In fact, I have nicknamed it The Xenomorph after the Alien franchise due to the shape of the sucker – it sort of reminds me of the monster’s carapace. But for me the shape is the most exciting thing about this toy.

It certainly looks like it should do a good job, but it just seemed woefully lacking. The motor was not strong enough, the sucker did not have enough vacuum, and the shape made it awkward to use. Even the power button was in an odd space.

I notice now that the Amazon description of the toy says it is supposed to be a licker, but the one they sent me has no tongue. There are 8 small soft bristles and a hole. When I used it there was no licking action. And it is not like pictured on the site. Whether this was a wrong item puck3d by the Amazon Associate or an error in the listing I am not sure. It may do better as a licker as the sucker was underpowered.

As pictured on Amazon
What I Received

I must preface again that I have had a hysterectomy and my vagina is a tiny bit foreshortened. This toy was just so oddly shaped I could not use it with any amount of success, and I certainly couldn’t use the vibrating end and the sucker end simultaneously, which is what I had hoped to do. The Amazon listing also said it was flexible which I found not to be the case. It does move but not to the extent needed to get true enjoyment from it.

Also this toy charges via magnetic cable which I find to be cumbersome. Any tiny movement can dislodge the plug and you end up disappointed when you go to use it and find it hasn’t charged.

All in all I give this toy a very rare 2.5 on the scale of 5. It looks good but is underpowered and awkward.

You may purchase here –

As always, full testing video will appear on my Pornhub with8n 5he next few weeks.

TOY TEST – Laphwing “Rider” Thrusting Anal Vibrator with App

October 6, 2022

Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to test out this toy’s best feature – the ability to use it in long-distance play with a partner. While I am in a long-distance relationship, our schedules have not allowed us the opportunity to have enough time to set up and use this product. I will report back once I have had the pleasure, but until then, I am reviewing this toy on its basic merits alone.

Due to this fact, I was a little discouraged to find nothing notable about this toy at first. It seemed a little large for my vagina (again, I am a little foreshortened due to a hysterectomy), but since it was labeled as an anal vibrator I tried it there instead. It fit better there, but I think a novice would find it a much harder fit. It is a larger size but it is made that way to rub against the prostate. The shape of the head also lends to this fact. It is almost 5” insertable and 1.42” wide at its widest, the head. Once running, the toy can actually get .4” longer as it thrusts.

I ran through the nine thrusting and vibration modes but nothing really seemed outstanding here. It seems almost every toy has the same patterns. The real fun of this toy is the app. And while I was unable to test the long-distance capabilities, I did use the app to see what else it could do.

The app works as a remote in its most basic form. This may seem a little redundant because this Rider comes with a remote control button also. However, the app can do much more. Besides running through the preset vibration patterns, the app also allows you to sync with music! There are a couple of songs built into the app, but you can also use your own music and create a playlist for playtime. I like rock so I was quite happy with the hard vibrations I was getting through the app.

With the app you can also use video interaction, much like music. But interestingly, you can also use your finger (or stylus) to draw patterns. The app brings whole new worlds to your playtime. I can imagine it would be quite fun to give the app to a partner (even in the same room) and let them control the action.

One thing I should note is the price of this toy. Most interactive app toys I have seen tend to be quite expensive, and long-distance toys usually cost well over $100. This is inexpensive in comparison and is even on sale right now for $59.99!

Since I was unable to test all the functions of this, I am going to tentatively rate this as a 4.5 out of 5. As long as the app works for long distance (and I see no reason why it wouldn’t), this score may go higher. I will report back once I have connected with my guy, but I do not know when that might be.

You may purchase here –

Video of my test will be available on my Pornhub channel in a few weeks –

Exxxotica Prepares For Largest Show in Its History – NJ Oct. 21-23

October 7, 2022

(EDISON, NJ – October 7, 2022) Anyone who says size doesn’t matter has obviously never been to the EXXXOTICA Expo New Jersey. In just two short weeks, the largest and most successful adult event in the country, the EXXXOTICA Expo (, is back in the Garden State and all indications point to this New Jersey event being the largest in EXXXOTICA’s 17-year history.

Running from October 21-23 at the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center, EXXXOTICA is now in its 14th year at the venue, and attracts tens of thousands of men, women and couples making their annual pilgrimage to what can only be described as a “Celebration of Sex.”

Presented by MyFreeCams (, the 2022 edition of EXXXOTICA will feature a maxed-out and sold-out exhibition floor packed with more companies and stars than ever before. In fact, EXXXOTICA New Jersey will have more of everything – more stage shows, more seminars, more vendors, more after parties, and more of the industry’s brightest and biggest names, and that all means more fun.

With a never-ending list of performers, feature dancers, camgirls, social media influencers and content creators, EXXXOTICA New Jersey will feature its most diverse and expansive group in its 48-show history of events around the country. The guest list of stars scheduled to appear at booths such as Spotlight, sponsored by Bad Dragon (, Brazzers, Team Texas, Sapphire, YNOT, Elite Talent, Planetary Studios and many more is nothing short of epic. Top names such as Lisa Ann, Stormy Daniels, Angela White, Alexis Texas, Lexi Belle, Katie Morgan, Tera Patrick, Evan Stone, Violet Myers, Karma Rx, Kenzie Taylor, Joanna Angel, Phoenix Marie, Vicki Chase, CJ Miles, Alex Coal, Brooklyn Chase, Keisha Grey, Lacy Lennon, Lilly Bell, Kiki Klout, Misty Stone, Tiny Texie, September Reign, Jessie Lee, Barrett Blade, Micky Lynn, Christana Cinn, Doubledose Twins, sexpert Tyomi Morgan, RubberDoll, Tae’ler Made, Lissa Aires, Ember Snow, Christy Canyon, Lauren Phillips, Coralyn Jewel, TS Foxxy, Casey Carter, BJ McNaughty, Mr. Marcus, Carmela Clutch, Mazee the GOAT, Rocky Emerson, June Lovejoy, Avery Jane, Atari Jones, Mz. Dani, Marina Valmont, Rebel Rhyder, Nikki Delano, Brittany Andrews, Jenna Fox, Luna Star, Katie Forbes and wrestling legend/hall of famer, Rob Van Dam, and so many more. In all, over 250 female and male performers and content creators are scheduled to appear.

Besides the stars and “extreme people watching,” there’s always plenty to do at EXXXOTICA. Check out a non-stop schedule of performances on EXXXOTICA’s Entertainment Stage, sponsored by Chaturbate (, that’s filled with the top feature dancers and performance artists including such as RubberDoll, Tiny Texie, BJ McNaughty, Nola Bunny, Polyannie, Christiana Cinn, Veronica Rodriguez, and dozens more. Also scheduled are will be fan favorites such as the Ms. EXXXOTICA Competition, sponsored by Tae’ler Made (, the Team Texass Twerk contest and the EXXXOTICA Pole Championships, as well as contests, giveaways and lots more.

The EXXXOTICA Seminar Series has a full programming schedule of educational and entertaining topics featuring top educators, stars and experts, all curated by the show’s resident sexpert, Tyomi Morgan. Men, women and couples can pick up tips, learn about the adult industry or just sit back and listen to stars as they give behind the scenes looks into their private lives. There’s definitely something for everyone.

The fun doesn’t end there and there truly is something for everyone at EXXXOTICA. Whether you want to pick up some new items for the bedroom, explore fantasies and curiosities at the show’s interactive Dungeon Experience or the CouplesX lifestyle area sponsored by Kasidie (, or get sexual tips in one of dozens of seminars, or just extreme people watch, EXXXOTICA has it all – from the wild to mild. And always inclusive, EXXXOTICA’s LGBTQ+ initiative, SW!TCH, sponsored by Bad Dragon, helps ensure equality no matter what your sexual orientation is.

The best way to experience EXXXOTICA is to Go VIP, sponsored by Sapphire ( EXXXOTICA VIP ticket holders get lots of perks including a host of nightly official after parties with free admission at Sapphire in New York at their three locations with performances and hosted by the biggest names in the biz. Various other hot spots in the area will also host VIP parties, such as Blush Gentlemen’s club and the legendary soirees at the show’s host hotel, featuring live music by the area’s biggest bands and DJs, and hosted by top stars. EXXXOTICA VIPs also get exclusive limited-edition swag, and special offers and deep discounts with a long list of exhibitors.

Both VIP and general admission tickets are on sale now in advance as well as the box office. To avoid the lines and purchase tickets in advance, visit:

Friday is Ladies Free Friday at EXXXOTICA, sponsored by CAM4 (, where all women get complimentary general admission. Women are urged to register in advance to beat the lines at for free general admission tickets, for the ultimate girl’s night out or a date night to remember. For the most recent updates on schedules, stars, parties, and much more, go to the official website,

EXXXOTICA is open Friday, October 21, from 5pm until 11pm, from 1pm until 10pm on Saturday, October 22, and from 1pm until 6pm on Sunday, October 24 at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, NJ, conveniently located just off Exit 10 on the New Jersey Turnpike. Parking at the event is free.

Companies wishing to find out more about exhibiting at EXXXOTICA New Jersey, or other shows including the upcoming return to the Washington DC area (December 2-4, 2022), Chicago or Miami, can request a Sales Kit and speak with a member of our sales team by visiting:

For general information, email

For media inquiries, please contact

More Sensual Items For You To Try

September 23, 2022

I wear these as nipple rings – Forbidden Body Jewelry Surgical Steel Skull Captive Bead Rings –

Crop Top Halter Neck –

My guy bought me these and they’re sexy. Love the scalloped edge –

Flirting Massage Glove –

This is actually what my guy and I used for a paddle to start off with. We weren’t sure we’d like spanking and wanted to start off cheap.

Need to clean out before anal? Or, like me, just love the feeling? Tried but true enema bag is still the best way. –

We just ordered this new Amazon Basics head strap for our GoPro clone. We hope to get some good new angles in the future. –