TOY TEST – Funzze Soft Teasing Stimulator

September 19, 2022

This toy caught my attention because it reminded me of a recurring message I kept receiving from someone on Pornhub. This person wanted to pay me to masturbate with a hairbrush and insert it bristles down. When I finally wearied of his constant babble, I told him I would do it . Of course as soon as I asked for payment, he disappeared.

This item reminds me of a hairbrush, or a brush I may use on my pets, but with much nicer bristles. It looked intriguing and I definitely wanted to try it. I could almost feel the puffy bristles tickling me. And with the other end being a vibrator, I figured it was a win-win.

Unboxing the toy (unboxing video can be found here – I was please with its shape and size. The bristles were a bit shorter than I expected but seemed soft and pleasing. The vibrator end was nice and rumbly. It also heats up and can reach 107 degrees F, which itself can be stimulating.

However when I went to actually use a toy I was somewhat disappointed. The part which intrigue me the most, the bristles, seemed woefully underpowered. Perhaps it was because I have full pubic hair, but I just did not seem to get any stimulation at all on my clit from it. And I really tried. I cycled through all the different settings and patterns, even added the vibration on the vibrator end, but just could not get any titillation. Using the vibrator on both ends at the same time was a good method, however. There was a big difference in the strength while using both motors. On my labia it just seemed underwhelming. I even tried inserting the bristle head just to see if I could and to see if it would do anything for me. Unfortunately I was unable to insert completely and I didn’t,t really feel any difference between it and a regular vibrator. The heat was nice and soothing, but it didn’t seem to excite me. The bristles on my nipples was a bit more arousing and I did get some enjoyment from using it there moreso than anywhere else.

The vibrator end was a much different story. It was nice and strong and did what the other end could not do. I was able to pinpoint easier which areas I wanted to touch. Perhaps that was the problem with the bristled end; it was a larger area for the motor to service and therefore it came off as weak. The vibration patterns were a little different than some other toys I have used before and was a good mix.

Another downfall is that this toy comes with a magnetic charger. These are hard to keep coupled correctly, especially if the toy is rounded and can roll; the connection can be easily severed if the toy happens to get bumped or jarred unexpectedly. I mush prefer the push pin chargers. But any of these methods are such a huge leap away from battery driven!

Overall I give this toy a 3.2 out of 5. It is a good concept overall, but the bristled head needs a much stronger motor or maybe a smaller surface. I would be curious to try a regular style vibrator or bullet with these types of bristles on it.

The toy may be purchased here – It is a good price and Funzze offers free shipping with purchases of $59 or more. It was packaged very discreetly.

Video of my test will be on my Pornhub in about two weeks. The link to my Pornhub is I have also started a YouRube channel for unboxing videos here – Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. As always, too, check out my podcast, Morgan Destera’s Mature Mama MILFcast, here, or on other podcast sites such as Apple Podcasts.

ChatOpinion – The Online Portal of Webcam Models and Performers


Ultimately after much thinking, you register for a webcam service. After finishing your profile and adding images, you had to wait. “Then what? When can I start making money from camming? Why don’t I get the tens of thousands of visitors promised?” These are some of the questions you start asking yourself. However, Relax! You haven’t broken any laws, that’s for sure. 

Folks will ultimately view your profile, but there’s something you must do to ensure they do. Similar to any other industry, the adult entertainment industry is subject to competition. It requires putting in a lot of effort to stand out! You may already be cognizant of how challenging it can be to become well-known and attract new members to your chat rooms, regardless of whether you are currently earning money on cam sites or are considering signing up.

It may be tough to stand out when so many stunning models exist. It would take time and money to promote your social media accounts. The value of lies in this. This revolutionary site aims to simplify the process for each cam girl to get new admirers. Do you want to know what the future holds for you? Continue reading.

Chatopinion: What Is It Exactly?

The online portal ChatOpinion was created exclusively for cam models and works with all pay-per-view websites. Thus, if you are a webcam model and wish to increase your income, then ChatOpinion is your site. As a model, you are free to create a profile account and incorporate links to your online chat, offline sales sites like just fans, and other PPV websites.

With massive active users, ChatOpinion has recently become one of the most significant live chat communities on the Internet. When you join, you can dramatically grow your fan following and income as a member. They’ll provide free promotions on your social media pages and websites.

As A Model, Can I Increase My Fan Base?

Yes, you can easily take advantage of ChatOpinion thanks to its easy-to-use features: You can link all of your cam websites to your profile, and viewers will be sent to your chat rooms! You have a front-row seat, thanks to this platform. All you need to do is register for free, and they’ll handle promoting your account. Whether you are a female webcam modelmale webcam modelor couples webcam model has you covered.

The Steps You Must Take

You can access the entire site immediately after registering, which takes less than a minute. For you to create a ChatOpinion account, press “Join.” It would help if you had a working email and password to access the website. You won’t need credit cards while registering. While offline, ChatOpinion will send you PPV users for commercial purposes. You can get all of the perks of a Premium Model Account for free and forever if you sign up immediately. You may submit your best photographs, link to your cam websites, and completely personalize your profile. You can also capture followers with an interesting bio. What is preventing you? Join now!


Your Account Will Be Seen By Everyone

ChatOpinion is an excellent service created with your success in mind. As a result, anybody can view your profile even while you’re not online. Not only will people get to know you better, but they might also check your cam site accounts and buy any photos or movies you might be selling. Simply put, ChatOpinion allows you to generate more income while taking time off.

Promotion Of All Your Cam Sites Will Be Free

The primary benefit of ChatOpinion is that it manages all advertisements on your behalf. Sign up, add your cam sites, upload a few images, and give a little introduction of who you are. After it has been created, they’ll advertise your profile to everyone who visits your social media and website pages. Spending real money promoting each profile will boost visibility and draw many more people to your chat rooms.

You Have Permission to Promote Your Profile to Other Users of Cam Sites

Everyone will be able to see you because your profile will always be available on their platform, and those who have never heard of your webcam site will have the opportunity to register and become your devoted admirers.

It’s improbable that you will use all of the available numerous cam sites. This, however, also raises the possibility that many potential customers are unaware of your website. ChatOpinion is made for all cam site visitors regardless of their preferred portal.

Get Links Directly To Your Webcam Pages

ChatOpinion is aware that all your money comes from your chat rooms. Thus they’ll work to make your live cameras easily accessible to visitors. Every visitor can quickly enter your chat room by including hyperlinks to your cam sites. Increased visibility and the formation of new fans—many of whom will probably turn out to be devoted customers—will follow from this.

The ChatOpinion Platform Accepts Studios

You’ve found the best spot if you’re a studio seeking a place to showcase your models. For a short period, you can post all of your models for free on ChatOpinion. You will have access to all platform benefits for a single model. Enjoy the visibility that comes with free advertising and publicity.

Studio Camming Expounded

The specifics of how their studio is managed is that you must stick to a defined schedule, work a specific number of hours per week, and report to work daily. It functions similarly to a labor contract.

Instructions on how you can use ChatOpinion Studio

Register your studio on their website immediately to get a flood of views for your models. As a user, you’ll have quick access to all camgirls after completing the signup procedure, which would take around a minute.

• Select “Join ChatOpinion” and enter a genuine password and email address to register. No credit card details would be needed.

• If you register immediately, you may enroll ALL of your models at no cost, boosting their visibility and income.

• After that, each model will have the option to personalize their profile by adding links to their cam websites, putting their best photographs online, and creating an engaging bio to draw in followers.

• While your models are offline, ChatOpinion will handle all the promotion and advertising for them, register your studio on their site, and deliver PPV users. Your models might amass a sizable following by doing this.

How To Make Your Models Have A Big Following

You can gather daily visits by giving all of your models front-row seats on ChatOpinion. For a limited period, they let studios post all of their model profiles without charging them anything. You’ll get to profit from the free publicity and advertising by registering your models with them so they may use them right away. Everyone will have an online profile that their users can view. This will allow your models to amass a sizable fan base.


• Setting up a great camming room won’t require much time or effort, and the environment will look professional.

• You won’t have to keep your identity a secret from your family or housemates. You can arrive at work in your usual clothing and wear it home afterward. 

• There’ll be no need to invest in expensive hardware or accessories. Everything you require to get started will be provided by their studio, including attractive clothing in your size.

How Can I Locate Webcam Models Who Meet My Needs?

Most cam services let users rate models following a personal performance, but is this enough? Have you read these ratings regularly? You won’t likely want to move between profiles if all you can think about is your filled cock. The importance of ChatOpinion resides in this. As a cam user, you will be able to rank models and meet fresh models from all webcam sites in this space.


You Get To Identify the Best Cam Girls

On every cam site, it is easy to find attractive webcam models. However, finding cam girls who are worth your time and money might be challenging. You may locate models performing on all active webcam sites on ChatOpinion. You can look at their profiles to learn more about their regular travel plans and destinations. But that’s not the point! As a user, ChatOpinion urges you to rate the private models you have interacted with. To determine whether the model is cost-effective, you can read reliable reviews.

Your Communications May Be Scored

Yes, that is true. You can rate the interactions you have as a ChatOpinion user. The best way to find the model would be to search for them by username on the webcam site. If they have a ChatOpinion profile, you can rate and discuss how well they performed. Therefore, you may give your favorite model kudos for increasing their fan base and revenue while warning other customers about negative experiences.

A Free Service For You

As was already said, ChatOpinion is a free service. A working email address is the only need for signing up. There is no need for a credit card, registration is quick, and no time is wasted. You can start rating your cam models immediately and finding brand-new, attractive girls.

The Ice Bag’s Hint

ChatOpinion regularly audits its sophisticated technology, which is constantly updated, to ensure that all links work and that you can easily access your chat rooms as a user. And the main event? For the first 6 months of their service, there are no fees. So what are you waiting for? 

Why would you join networks that are comparable to yours but do not link to your cam sites? Sign up with ChatOpinion right away and watch your cam earnings soar! Be quick! They have a lengthy waitlist of advertisers and live webcam models willing to promote themselves further, and tens of thousands of new fans eagerly expect your private meeting. Indeed no doubt you’ll have a good time!

TOY TEST – BigShocked Unicorn horn in Aurora

September 10, 2022

BigShocked is an appropriately named business: they make them big and most of their designs are shocking. That being said, the Unicorn horn in Aurora black seems benign, even sweet-tempered, in its catalog of monster, animal, and fantasy toys. While so many of their toys are gnarled or mottled with knots, suckers, veins and other texture, this toy offers a simple corkscrew design which is quite aesthetically pleasant and even soothing to the eye.

Do not be fooled by this, however. The sheer size, again one of BigShocked’s hallmarks, is enough to be threatening.

According to their website, Unicorn measures approximately 8.86″ total length (with an Insertable Length of 7.87″), Diameter of Head: 0.6″, Diameter of mid Shaft: 1.85″, and the Diameter of lower shaft: 2.56″. It seemed longer to me, and my tape measured has it at almost 10” total length.

It is described as “smooth spiral of soft textures curves up the horn, every inch looking like a fun ride. The grooves within the spiral design aiding with insertion, allowing for an incredibly stimulating and sensational time while playing with, and experimenting with angles.”

What I liked about this toy is the very gradual expansion of width. It made it very easy to insert. I was so very very close to engulfing it’s entire length (I’ll get there soon!). The pointed tip was a great way to start but was kind of uncomfortable and sharp once it breached the sphincter. But it is well worth the bit of discomfort for such an easy start.

The spiral effect didn’t have much sensation to me, and seemed rather smooth. However this could be a good toy to start your journey into sized toys. It’s is such a gradual widening you could probably get a lot more in than you expected.

Overall I give this toy 4 stars. I much prefer the tentacle toy, but this still was thrilling since I was so close to devouring it. And, as stated above, I do believe this would be a good product to start training with.

You may purchase the Unicorn here –

As always, video of my toy test will be on my Pornhub starting Sunday September 11 –

TOY TEST – Leyuto Electroshock Anal Vibrator Butt Plug

September 8, 2022

I have used electro-stim products before. I have a TENS Unit we use for play. But it is a much different feeling when that shock is coming from inside you.

This toy is NOT for beginners for two reasons: 1. The size, and 2. The shock. And possibly 3. The shape.

This toy has a great shape, with a curved tip and dip which can aid insertion, but the tip itself is pretty thick already. The dip in the shape also can help, but then it moves into a very thick center. It is not made for someone just getting started into anal play. It is shaped to hit your G-spot or prostate and I really think it easily could.

The vibration on this is very strong, which I love. It actually is heavy enough to be used in the seedy bar game of Sex Toy “Racing” (if there was a place near me that offered racing, I would be inclined to enter this.) The rumble is good and strong and is a pleasure in and of itself. However, when you add the electroshock, it enters a whole new level.

The shock has 8 different levels (as does the vibration), ranging in “is this thing on” to “holy crap that hurts!” It is such a different feeling, electroshock, from the normal roll of the vibration, that it made me gasp, and then turn it up higher. The highest setting, however, was too much for me.

I love this toy. It is definitely one I will use again and again! I give it 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Video of this test will be on my Pornhub in the coming weeks –

You can purchase it here –

Also please check out my podcast!

TOY TEST – Enweyci Clitoral Licker Vibrator

September 4, 2022

Licking tongue toys are always fun, but I found this one to be a bit underpowered. Still my guy noticed how excited I became using it. I didn’t feel all that excited, but he could see the fruits of my labor. To switch it up a bit, I turned it around and inserted the handle. That was the perfect thing to do as it vibrates also. I think I had more fun with that end than I did with the tongue. The tongue needs a bit more strength to it. If I held it to myself tightly, the motor strained to keep the tongue going at a good pace. It is better generally to hold it lightly against you for best effect, but even then I found I wanted a higher speed. I finally did climax and again my guy noticed that I was extremely aroused. It took a while for me to get there, but the fact that I did is a major accomplishment for this toy.

The magnetic charger is a sore point – they are hard to keep attached. A push-pin male-to-female would be much more effective. But it is a very good price, and that alone is probably its best asset.

Purchase here –

Full video will be up on my Pornhub in the coming weeks:

Lube Life Keeps You Ready

August 23, 2022

(Sponsored) Recently, I was treated to a box of goodies from I must say while it seems easy to just pop into a local store to pick up whatever’s cheapest, you have to remember that quality is an absolute must when it comes to lubrication.

I’m not saying LubeLife is expensive; it’s not really. And it really lives up to expectations.

First we’ll start off with the 2-pack for couples’ play. One bottle is heating, one is cooling. It really doesn’t matter who gets which bottle, as long as they are in play at the same time. While they are great individually, the real fun happens when the two sensations mix. My guy and I tried them last time we were together and we had much more fun than with similar lubes made by a company that makes me think of the abbreviation for Kentucky. These effects seem deeper and lasted longer than others we have tried. I enjoyed rubbing my guy with warming while he played with cooling me down. When the two met, it was a definite fire-and-ice thrill. He had a hard time holding back from climaxing, while I seemed to orgasm continuously with it. The lube was not overly sticky and cleaned up easily. LubeLife Sensations Kit is compatible with most toy materials and natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms. It provides a thrilling and safe sexual experience throughout, allowing you to come and go, whenever you desire.

Next we tried the Climax Control Spray. This was a curiosity as he had never tried any type of comparable product, having relied on the blue pill when needed. Since he is now older, he has noted he seems to ejaculate easier now which was a bit frustrating to him. He sprayed it directly on. No rubbing was necessary. He did seem to last longer, and did have a larger load due to the delay. This is one less liquid you have to worry about staining your clothes and bedsheets. LubeLife washes off easily with water and makes your clean-up swift. This is also a natural formula and can be considered vegan. It Is made without parabens, alcohol, silicone, oil, and hormones. He will definitely be using it again.

There was also a silicone-based lube included in the set I was given. I must admit I did not try this product myself as I use a lot of toys and silicone-based lube can break them down. I did however, give it to m6 brother and his husband, as he has told me to be on the lookout for a silicone lube he could use.

My brother said he liked this lube quite a bit. He said it kept its slipperiness longer than any water-based lube he has used. He said it was really frictionless, which allowed them to extend the length of time they were together. He did say it was a very thick lube, but LubeLife also offers a thinner variety. It is water-resistant, but make sure you do not use it with silicone condoms or other silicone products. It does work great with latex, polyisoprene, or polyurethane toys and condoms. My brother did say he would use this again and again.

Lastly, I was pleased to see they included a toy cleaner in with my gifts. As you all know, I have a lot of toys. This water-based all-purpose toy cleaner left my toys looking and feeling brand new. This actually increased the pleasure and comfort of my sex toys, and keeps them safe and ready to spring into action. This misting cleaner is created with natural ingredients, is gentle, easy to use, and leaves your fun toys squeaky clean, ready for the next round! The misting toy cleaner is made to clean any toy. It works great with everything from dildos, anal beads, glass toys to male masturbators. It does the work for you, keeps your toys clean and pretty, so you can get dirty without worry. All you need to do is spray them, wait 60 seconds, and then rinse off in water. Easy and efficient.

One thing I would like to mention is that LubeLife is made in the USA! And even better, they offer free shipping on orders over $14.99 — that’s a very low bar for free shipping! LubeLife can be found at various retailers like Amazon and The best deal is to get it direct from the manufacturer, due to the free shipping.