Surprise Visit (Part Two)

March 18, 2022

I slept very well that night, partially due to the long drive and partially due to the extreme fuck session. I awoke bright and early the next morning and waited for his call eagerly.

The call, however, was not a cheerful one.

It seems the heater in his house went out overnight. He had a call out to the repairman and couldn’t really leave until he heard from him.

“[It’s] Really annoying to be sitting here doing nothing when I could be there doing deviant things to you.”

Finally the repairman called. He wouldn’t be able to make it out to look at the heater until noon.

“I can come over now for a little bit,” he said.

It would have to do.

He came over, alright. And we both came a few times.

For a man who once said he didn’t like blowjobs, he sure responds to mine quite well.

But it was over way too soon.

After about an hour he went back home to meet the repairman. Unfortunately the repairman took too long and was unable to finish the job that day. My guy had to go to work, and the repairman would have to return in the morning.

Disappointment again.

By then, too, the weather forecast was not looking good for Saturday, the day I planned on returning home. With everything going on with him, and with the weather turning, after much deliberation we decided it would be best for me to drive home Friday.

So I got to see him maybe an hour and a half the whole time I was there.

But I did get to see him. And we did get a couple things checked off of our sex “bucket list” (a list that keeps growing).

You may be thinking it was all a ruse – that his problems were fabricated. It could be. I did not want to pry. But believe me, I thought about that, a lot. Too much. I want to believe him. But my emotions have been all over the place this week. He also has been rather quiet this week, which he has a tendency to be after our disappointments. His quietness unnerves me and really makes me wonder what is going on. He has talked to me a little bit, but it has been short conversations, not our usual lengthy teasing as and sexting. I always wonder if our banter will return. It always has in the past, so I have to believe it will this time.

I have to believe. And be patient.

But my mood is not good.

Also since I got home, I’ve been on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection, which explains the blood. I thought maybe it was due to the rough nature of our sex. I told him, and he said “Oh good. I didn’t break you ;)”

He’ll be back.

Surprise Visit

March 14, 2022

My guy and I were talking this past Monday. We were both extremely frustrated and horny. He finally admitted that for the first time in months he actually had a normal work week (normal for him, meaning he’s not called in to be there early, nor all day.) I said “oooh! Extra playtime!”, thinking we’d have more time to sext and play on video. But then he said his wife was gone all week and asks if I think it’s worth me driving all the way in (600 miles) for just a few hours of fun. He would not be able to spend the night, since his kids were still at home, but that didn’t bother me. I just wanted to see him!

Of course my answer to that is a resounding YES! So I checked my bank account and check the weather. Everything seemed good, so we planned on me driving in Wednesday (I had an appointment I couldn’t miss on Tuesday) and return home Saturday.

I woke up early Wednesday due to my excitement and got started driving nice and early. Once I hit the state line, however, it started snowing. More than 3/4 of my trip there was under a winter storm. WTF. I had checked the weather – it was supposed to be decent weather all week!

I finally made it to my destination. He was at work by the time I arrive, so I sent him a text telling him I made it. He sent back a smile emoji and a winky face. We still had a few hours to go. This first one was just going to be a quickie, since he still had to get home to his kids. We can’t have any suspicion. We do some flirting by text as we wait for his job to finish.

Finally he knocked on the door. And kissed me so hard, our tongues mingled and wrapped around one another. “I have way too many clothes on,” he said, and started stripping out of his work clothes.

We only had a short time, so I was already on the bed. He pushed me down roughly and then grabbed my legs and dragged me down to the end of the bed. He pulled my legs apart and I lifted them so he could get at my cunt. He fell to his knees at the end of the bed and pulled my labia apart. Then he attacked me.

The sex was hard, brutal. I loved every second of it. I had a buttplug in (I always travel in a plug for him) and he holds it in and twists it. I try to push it out. Later he told me he couldn’t believe how hard I cam3 just by the plug alone. At another point he flips me over and shoved his cock in my ass. Again, it was fast and pounding. My tits swung. He grabbed them, squeezed them hard. I don’t know how many times I came. At the end he had me standing and then pushed my head onto his cock. I almost panicked, but then in a flash I realized he was acting on some of the thing we had talked about so many times. He grabbed my hair (what little there is) and jammed his hips against my face again and again. He forced me to take his cock deep. I tried to swallow it. I felt saliva pooling. I stroked him and grabbed his ass. Then he shot cum down my throat.

When it over, we both noticed a few drops of blood on the bed.

“I told you there’d be some blood shed this trip,” I teased him.

Fuck it was hot.

And then within 20 minutes of walking in, he was back out the door.

I’ll continue this later.

TOY TEST – To Tetsu

March 6, 2022 delivers another HUGE hit with their To Tetsu model.

This toy, painted Big Dipper Blue, is a marvel to look at. The variations in color from blue to arctic white leaves a cool impression on the mind, almost an icy motif. But they toy itself is anything but cold. In fact it will leave you hot and panting, wanting more especially if it’s size seems too much to handle.

Standing about 8.27″, it features an insertable length of 7.09”. The impressive numbers don’t stop there. The diameter of its head is 1.42″, and the bone-like shaft can be measured at a diameter of 2.24” mid shaft, and 1.97″ at the lower portion. It also weighs a hefty 1 pound, 3 Oz. It does come in other colors including black, “flame Sakura” (red and white), “Taurus” (blue and cream/yellow), and “”Graffiti” (rainbow). It also features an inverted built-in suction cup that is a bit difficult to secure, but once it’s attached is quite firm and strong.

The beveled tip is a real asset and helps guide the rest of the toy. While unable to get most of the shaft in me, I was able to glide more in than the other toy I used from them (German Shepherd). The tip was also good to tease my clit with. Due to its size and weight, I do believe this toy would be great to use with two people, with one person using the toy on the other. And remember, turnabout is always fair play. 😉

The scalloped edge of the tip also adds another layer of sensation. The knobby bone-like shaft seems to be almost jointed in the middle and gives you an extra stretch that may make you weep.

All-in-all it is a very good toy. I give it a 4.5 on a scale of one to five. It’s is a bit much to handle alone and it is a bit hard to get the suction cup to latch, but on a toy this size that is absolutely expected.

You can purchase the To Tetsu at by clicking here – – don’t forget to use promo code DESTERA at checkout for this or any item at for extra savings! Video of my test will be on my Pornhub today –

March 3, 2022

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