TOY TEST – Big Shocked / Sohimi Mini Sex Machine

January 21, 2021

Out of the box

My initial thoughts on this machine was not good, to be truthful. My first surprise was when I opened the box from and found this item to be manufactured and supplied by my old friends at I was not disappointed — I know all too well the kinds of products Sohimi makes — but I was surprised at the very least.

My second surprise came when I found it was not fully assembled. It was not difficult at all to put together, but in doing so, the housing on the thumb screw stripped and broke off. I was not able to tighten it by hand and had to resort to a wrench to tighten it enough that the dildo stayed upwards. The dildo portion is quite heavy (for a toy) and it took a bit of strength to tighten it to a place where it would stay at an angle to be used.

Stripped thumb screw housing

Another major problem I had was finding a surface to which it would stick. The suction cup is very large and locks by a switch on the base. I tried to stick it on my kitchen counter, but failed. Next I tried my bathtub edge as well as the wall, to no avail. I finally was able to stick it on the lid of my washing machine to put it through its paces. The cup lock switch also could be hard to move, which you would think would set it in place. I found it did help to moisten the cup area but it was not something that worked every time. Later I was able to attach it to my toilet seat lid for the full testing. And once I was able to get it stuck, it was attached very firmly with no slippage, so I will concede that point.

Initial tryout

Once I found a place I could attach it steadily that was also accessible for me, I had to clear my mind of the disappointment I was already feeling towards this toy. I wanted to have a neutral mindset while experimenting. I think it clouded my judgment still, however, as I straddled the toy for its testing. The dildo is a very good size (7.5” long, with 6.5” insertable, and extends another 1.5” in thrusting mode) and soft skinned, yet not floppy due to the mechanisms inside. It has 7 telescopic patterns, ranging from a constant gentle pulse to a wild rhythmic thrust, and a special design of 180 times-per-minute thrusts that should turn the sexual pleasure of vagina stimulation to the maximum. I, however, was not all that thrilled with it. It just seemed like just another thruster…

UNTIL I turned on the added vibrator motion. I wasn’t absolutely sure what the other button on the toy was for — it had a wavy pattern embossed on it but from past experience I knew that could mean either a warming toy, or a vibrator. I was glad to find it was a vibrator and that gave the toy a much better ride! It was exactly what I needed to finally enjoy it and make me cum. I later found it has 7 vibrating modes to make it a very outstanding clitoris stimulator and very good overall massager.

It is good that it can tilt to whatever angle you need it to, but the thumbscrew needs to be able to turn more easily and tighten better to make it easier to adjust. It is very nice to be able to have two hands free for a change. I do like that it is able to come off the base and be used as a hand toy as well, which gives it more versatility. It also has a remote that has a very good range.

My initial thoughts were going to have me rate this toy at three stars due to the problems I had with it. However after weighing my orgasm against everything else, I will give it a solid 4. If Sohimi can work out the bugs, it can go up to 4.5.

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The video of the test of this toy will be on my Pornhub on Wednesday January 26 – Please bevsure to watch it as well as check out m6 other videos and toy tests. I have also uploaded one of the videos with my guy for free viewing just this week!

TOY TEST – Big Shocked “German Shepherd”

January 2, 2022

First of all, this thing is a monster! Which is fitting since is an up-and-coming name to be reckoned with in the fantasy dildo business.

Fantasy dildos have come a long way in the past few years. Once mentioned only stealthily with lots of side-eye, only one or two companies even dared delve into this line, and only one emerged victorious. While “Nefarious Winged Lizard” seemed to be the first to break through the quagmire of kink-shaming, it soon became a sign of pride if you had one or several of their products in your collection.

However, where there is success, there soon came copycats. Unfortunately most of these early competitors were nothing but “Nefarious Winged Lizard” clones – most created from cheap molds made from the product itself and manufactured with substandard silicone. A lot of these substitute toys were cheap, but they also fell apart or caused harm because they were made with subpar materials and paints. Most of these looked cheap and were dangerous.

Over the past year or two, a few companies have started to create their products to give the “Winged Lizard” some real competition. One of the latest is

I was impressed with the size of this piece. It,s one thing to read the dimensions of a piece on a website, but it is quite different to hold a 9” tall, 2-3” wide toy in your hand that weighs over one pound, five ounces.

It is very solid, with a built-in suction cup, rather than an external piece. This seemed to make it a bit more stable. Being a “fantasy” item, the design is very realistic, if over-sized. It is called “German Shepherd” due to its rather canine look, complete with “knot”. The paint scheme was beautiful, almost a work of art, with variations and mottling. I wonder if it was hydro-dipped to create the swirls and patterns.

I admit I was somewhat intimidated by the size. While I do have another “fantasy” dildo in my collection, this one by BigShocked is like night and day. My horse dildo is sticky and cheap; this is heavy and smooth. And big. Did I mention how big this is?

I was going to wait until I met up with my guy in a month or so to try this out, but it was staring me down and I just had to try it on my own.

As mentioned, the suction cups seem to keep a lot steadier than a lot of other dildos I have played with. The tip has a delightful little point to it that tickled my anus as well as my clit. I was glad for that little point as it helped open me up. And while I was only able to get the very top and before the first flare, I could certainly already feel myself stretching.

However of the silicone again does not hold up to my weight as I try to push it in and it collapsed has almost all of my silicon toys do. What does not mean it was a bad toy it just means it is hard to use alone. And I think a lot of that it’s just because of the vast size of it. I had the same problem when I tried to use it vaginally. I tried anally first because I believe I am deeper anally than I am vaginally due to my hysterectomy.

I cannot wait to meet up with my guy so we can try this together. I just need more hands to use this – or a steel rod inside of it. This is nothing against the toy itself; it seems to be an industry wide problem. This toy is marvelous. It’s definitely worth the money – and it’s less expensive than the “Nefarious Winged Lizard” company counterpart, and just as high quality.

This product is a fantastic one! It rates 4.80 on my scale.

Video of my tryout of his toy will not be available on my Pornhub until January 12 unfortunately due to scheduling issues. Be sure to look for it at that point.

You can order the German Shepherd Premium here – – use promo code DESTERA at check out to save!

Also check out for their whole line of fantasy/animal/monster/alien toys! Again, use promo code DESTERA at check-out!

I look forward to see what else this company produces!

Piece of the Old Life in the Trash

December 18, 2021

I don’t know what to say. It’s confusing at times. My MM bought me a whole new bed outfit for Christmas. New slat frame and memory foam mattress. My old one was falling apart.

We were just chatting the other day about hotel rooms (he’s on the road temporarily to train his replacement- we were hoping I’d be able to go see him but he was working 14 hour days training the new guy. He goes home Monday and back to work on Jan 2) and he was in a pretty bad room and we were wondering how many people had slept in that bed. Then he asked me about my bed and I said it was pretty bad and I was hoping to get a new one soon. Then all of a sudden he asks me if I like memory foam mattresses. I said “oh no! Don’t you dare!” And he said “Never know what Santa might bring you.” Later when I told him how old my bed was and that it was the bed I used to share with my ex, he says “One more piece of your old life going in the dumpster.”

So today it came in. I felt accomplished that I was able to put it together myself.

It seems now that I am really single, he’s being more attentive. I don’t have to hide things from the ex.

But the one thing I didn’t like is he said it’s from “a friend who wants to make sure you get enough rest” and then put a winky face emoji at the end. What does that mean?

Men are so frustrating

By the way, there will soon be video on my Pornhub of me trashing the old mattress. it will be the first video of the New Year.

TOY TEST – Sohimi ALFA Sucking Vibrator Thrusting Dildo

December 12, 2021

This is the best toy yet from Sohimi – one I will be returning to over and over.

I think they have knocked it out of the park with their innovative tail/vine design. It makes the toys so much more versatile. You can stimulate various parts of your body alone or in tandem because of the length of the wire and the flexibility of it. Insert or just lay it gently on nipples, lips, etc. You’re bound to find somewhere this will feel good on you.

This clit licker is very fast and very effective. This is the first time I can remember a licker getting me off within seconds of use. I got extremely wet very early and was cumming in moments. I was able to cum several times while using this alone. I would also like to note how quiet the licker is compared to some others I have tried. Once it surrounds your clitoris, it is hardly heard.

The thrusting dildo action too is fantastic. It is not an extreme motion which can often be a turn-off due to the utter ridiculousness of the sound and the visual of it jerking around, but instead seems to offer a good variation as you can switch between rhythms and modes.

I do wish it came with a remote, as the controls on the licker end can be hard to cycle through once the toy is in use. Also I would prefer a push-in charger rather than the magnets. But really those are the only drawbacks to this toy. This is a definite 4.85 out of 5.

The item may be purchased here – To save 10%, use code DESTERA at check out. To save even more, go to my website, and click the link for and search for the “Alfa thrusting dildo” – no code needed (codes cannot be used in conjunction with the link).

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TOY TEST – Sohimi Rose Tongue Licking Vibrator with Egg

December 5, 2021

The design of this toy is quite interesting. Sohimi took their signature rose mold and added a moving “tongue”.

On the end of a flexible tail, they added a vibrating egg designed to look like a rosebud. Altogether, this is a strikingly beautiful toy. But one that could benefit from a remote control. The buttons on the rose itself are hard to find while in use.

I do really like the use of the vine or tail. This makes the toy very versatile. The bud/egg can held against parts or inserted into either the vagina or ass. In the past I have had problems with dual toys being the wrong length/size to be able to use both features at once. The length of this tail makes it much easier to pleasure two places at once.

When I first observed the licker tongue I wondered if it would be of an6 use to me. It seemed to move too slowly and I was very skeptical of it. However I discovered when help lightly to my clit, it got me extremely wet. When I inserted the bulb vaginally, it was a great enhancement. I later inserted the bud anally and was thrilled at how nicely it slid in. It was well lubricated by the juices it had me produce.

This is a very good versatile toy, much better than so many other combination items out there. I rate it 4.25 out of 5. A remote would be good for this, especially since it consists of toy separate functions. It also comes with a magnetic charger, which sometimes has a tendency to disconnect if not seated properly.

The item may be purchased here – To save 10%, use code DESTERA at check out. To save even more, go to my website, and click the link for and search for the “rose tongue” – no code needed (codes cannot be used in conjunction with the link).

To see the toy in action, go to my Pornhub –