Transfer Post – Sick and Missing Him

February 7, 2016

We were supposed to be together this weekend. Yesterday was his birthday. Originally we were supposed to meet Thursday and be together til around noon Saturday when he went to work. However, several weeks ago he found out he had to work Friday, so we cancelled. Then later set it back up fro a Friday night-Saturday noon quickie. Then he got so extremely busy. He worked a 24-hour straight shift this past Monday. And then we BOTH got sick Wednesday. So, no go. (Sigh) I did send him a card and gift card in lieu of not being able to be with him.

It just seems its been weird the past few weeks. Contact has been very sporadic. I try to read his cues and contact him only if he contacts me. The past couple of days I reached out to him though. And he did get back to me right away, so he is avoiding me at least. I got very spoiled talking to him every day for hours at a time. I must say though, he has been good about at least saying “hi” to me each day (except Mondays). But the flirtiness isn’t there. Maybe because he is exhausted. I kind of brought it up to him today.

He did apologize and said that “life is getting the best of me these days” and that “hopefully things will settle down a bit once we’re open in Cleveland”. I hope I didn’t come off as needy or anything. I had to stop myself later from writing back and apologizing. But when I went back to read what I said I think it was ok. But I am going to wait for him to write me back first.

I kind of think he is just exhausted.

There is a chance we may still get together this coming weekend. I hope we do. After four months of looking forward to February, it would totally suck if we missed the opportunities to get together. But it depends on if his wife is able to visit. Last I heard she was not, but I haven’t heard one thing or another about it for a while.

And being sick has given me plenty of time to overthink.

I just have to think positive and try to go with the flow…

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