The Situation

February 22, 2023

The past few weeks have been totally exhausting for me. After an almost 30 year battle with his disease, my ex finally succumbed.

He was 63 years old.

In the end, he died due to complications of Covid in pneumonia, as well as his autoimmune disease.

Even more mind-boggling is how a few members of his family I have gone off the deep end because of this. I have been threatened, I have been yelled at, and our son’s legitimacy was even brought into question. (Damn people, I was a good Mormon girl back then… and I NEVER slept around on him. Even after our divorce it was a good 3 years before I slept with anyone else.) I am pretty sure this all came about because they found out I have a porn account.

In the end, the family did not visit although I tried to update them and tell them things were imminent. On the day he died, a few family members said they were going to come, but when he passed in the late afternoon, they hadn’t even started the journey.

All because they had no idea of his true condition. None of them had even visited him in at least a year. And when they talked to him on the phone, he sugar-coated things to make it appear all good and sunny.

I just wanted to update you about the situation. I will be back soon. I am dealing with cleaning out his belongings as well as his remains. It has been four days and they have been unable to follow his wishes due to the certain family members interfering, and totally disrespecting their brother.

Oh I also had a GoFundMe to help with the expenses, but I had to delete it due to complaints.

I’ll be back soon. Thank you!

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