TOY TEST – Cankiss Panty Vibe

February 9, 2022

This item came in a nice discreet package. When opened it was burrowed prettily in a nest of shredded pink paper. It also comes with a nice storage pouch which will be nice for traveling.

It has a good variety of vibration patterns ranging from solid to patterns of pulses. There are ten different modes, including off. This lends a fun time when playing as you can mix up what you want it to do. The shape is fantastic as it snugs right where it needs to be.

The remote has a good range so you can have fun Public play as well. Hand the remote to your partner when you go out and let them have the time of their life zapping you.

The only thing I did not like about this is the magnetic charger. It comes unplugged easily from the toy itself. I’d much rather have a push-in type plug in all my toys. But that doesn’t detract from the toy itself.

Overall I’ll give it a 4.7

You can order it here from Amazon –

Video of the test is on my Pornhub –

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