TOY TEST – Sohimi Anal Bead Plug

June 21, 2021


When can a company make a butt plug that is challenging?

It may seem odd for me to say. This toy looks challenging, with the various size beads, but it just isn’t big enough.

I suppose for some people it is quite intimidating. It is very comfortable and actually is easy to insert (the stem is strong and thick enough to push on without wobbling or collapsing), but the size was disappointing. At least to me.

But the motor is great! And the various cycles are fun. The battery life is longer than most toys I have used recently, lasting a little over a half hour. The remote seems to have good range.

One other slight problem I encountered was the magnetic charger. I much prefer push-in chargers. Magnetic ends can dislodge easily if moved or accidentally pushed.

Other than that, this is a good toy. I give it a 3.5. It could use some modification, but still good to play with, and great to wear out shopping with its longer battery life.

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