Back to Normal(?)

June 2, 2021

My guy’s wife went back to work at her office last week. My guy got his work call and will going back to his own job in August.

With his wife back at the office this has allowed us more time to talk. I am grateful for this time. More talking means more flirting and more outrageous comedy from both of us. I feel appreciated and wanted. We are planning to meet up in late fall, if not beforehand.

Meanwhile, my ex has finally accepted he will be going to Assisted Living. I have spent a lot of time and effort (and money – did you know you have to furnish everything in the room yourself, including the bed?) in getting his room ready. Now we are waiting for his insurance to kick in and say they will pay for it. Who knows how long that may take.

This is the first day in weeks I have felt somewhat relaxed. I didn’t go visit him though he was pressuring me to be there for a phone assessment he had with the insurance company. I made him handle it on his own. I hope it goes through. I cannot deal with all his problems anymore. He was in the hospital again over the weekend, and he may be going back tonight. He needs to be somewhere where there is medical staff.

Hopefully this will be my new normal. Hopefully I won’t have to move from here and into low income (of which there are none available, only waiting lists.) (I will not have the ex’s income to fall back on – so PLEASE subscribe to my OnlyFans: I desperately need the income!) Hopefully things will settle down to “normal” — whatever that is.

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