Update to the Update

May 27, 2021

Update on my ex – he is still in physical therapy rehab. He has to remain there until his Medicaid kicks in to cover the cost of Assisted Living. He is adjusting well and now realizes this will be the best for both of us. Meanwhile I am running all over trying to get furniture and all the other necessities of life for his new place. It is a small studio apartment (all that Medicaid and SSD will pay for) so I am trying to make it homey for him. There’s also a gazillion things I need to do for paperwork – accounts to get changed over, insurance to deal with, coordinating and re-scheduling doctors. And in the midst of it all, I had to run down to my son’s (200 miles away) and take him to an appointment. This worked out, though, since I was able to then bring him back here to help with hauling and everything, as well as visit his Dad. I think things will start settling down once I take him back to his place over the weekend.

Oh, and found out my car needs brakes badly! It was very embarrassing to drive it with all that grinding. But it wasn’t giving me any notice or problems until I got down to my son’s. Of course. 🙄 Luckily I have my ex’s car to drive until I have the time and money to take it in.


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