TOY TEST – Propinkup Bunny Elf Clitoral Sucker

January 6, 2023

The first thing I must get off my chest is that I had problems with this company. A representative from Propinkup contacted me to do a review. I told them my terms and they counter-offered saying they would send me two toys. I counter-offered again with a more expensive item, which I really wanted to try. They said they were out of stock – which was not indicated on their site. Instead they sent me a link to this rather inexpensive toy, which I grudgingly accepted.

I must admit the shipping was very speedy. However, when I opened the package, it was the wrong toy. The item I received was not even close. (You can go to my YouTube channel and see me unboxing this item and the confusion I felt – I immediately emailed my contact, who took a few days to get back to me. She said she would contact the warehouse to see what the problem was. This took several more days before she came back to say this ten I received was not even in their inventory! She took a while more to try to investigate this instead of just offering to send me the correct toy, which they finally did. I will admit having the holidays in there may have been part of the delay, but really the FIRST thing they should have done was send the correct item, and then investigate. I was not happy with the item I first received, a wand, because I have a few other wands. I did try it out and made a video ( but did not write a review (it was adequate).

So this company already had at least two strikes against it in my mind when I finally received the correct product. I was dismayed to find that the distributor had done nothing but slap a label on the box and ship it. Luckily the box was plain black, but it seems from my experiences that a majority of toy companies use this style box for their toys. The shipping companies all know what they are. It is NOT a discrete way to ship. Of course, I don’t care if the post office knows what I get in the mail, but other people are going to want much more hidden packaging. Not to mention this offers little or no extra protection for the object.

During the unboxing I felt disappointed. I do admit my judgment may have been colored by the experiences I’d had so far with the company, but I was determined to go into the testing with an open mind. And I must say, my mind was changed.

This is a fun toy, not only in looks, but in performance also. It is simple in design and function, but it offers 10 vibration frequencies. It may not suck your finger hard, but it will suck your clit. I did have a bit of a problem finding the right spot, as the “ears” seemed to get in the way, but once settled, I really enjoyed cycling up to the highest level, which did make me orgasm intensely. The high settings almost seemed numbing, so if you are not used to a good suck, you may want to work up a bit into it. It is also small, lightweight, and quiet. It can be used secretly.

The silicone body is soft and flexible. My one wish is that they had designed some sort of vibration into the ears – there is no armature or anything in the ears to vibrate. Most of the body did offer some vibration from the motor to help the excitement, but it would be better if you could also put your clit or labia between the ears and feel the vibrations.

I rate this toy 4.6 out of 5, much higher than I expected. And while I am still a little upset at the company, I do think they should be given the benefit of the doubt. You can check their selection here –

Video of the test of this toy will be live on my Pornhub on Sunday January 8 –

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