Exxxotica Wrap Up Part 1

October 31, 2022

It’s been a few days now since I returned from New Jersey and Exxxotica. I needed to rest up and reflect on the experience. I still can’t really wrap my head around it, but not because of how “out there” it was; rather because of how normal it seemed.

I used to go to a lot of comic book conventions. I have been to San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, Dragon*Con, C2E2 and many more. I saw things at those cons which were more shocking than many things I saw here.

But there were a few things that shocked me, but more because I couldn’t see myself doing them. Perhaps I was more impressed with the tenacity of the performers.

The one act I saw that really stood out to me was the woman masturbating with a wand on the floor. She was not behind a booth, where many performers were, but right out in the open, though behind a velvet rope. She was live camming at the time, too, which made it even a bit more fascinating. Of course there was the no complete nudity rule at the con, so she had panties on (I think. She did have a short skirt if nothing else.) And she did seem to be enjoying herself. I think it was more that she was right out in the open than anything else that startled me.

Personally I hate live camming. I find it very awkward. And I don’t like being told what to do. When I first started in this business I did some on a free site, and while it was nice to hear how good my tits are, overall I just felt uncomfortable and awkward. My guy and I don’t even face chat, as he feels the same way. I am fine making videos because I feel more in charge of the situation. But, as always, do what makes you feel good.

Exxxotica started on Friday, and Friday was free for the ladies, but I did not attend that day. it started later in the afternoon and I was still driving in. The convention opened later in the day from what I am used to with comic book conventions, so I had a little extra time. This was a minor inconvenience on Sunday, however, when checkout at my hotel was several hours earlier and I had to find something to do 7th, doors opened.

Walking in, the first thing I saw was a bikini babe on a swing suspended from the ceiling. It was a regular playground swing, not a se- swing of any kind. I really liked that aesthetic, giving the area a fun feel. But the swing used a lot of room and it was not used later in the evening nor on Sunday when it was more crowded.

Against the front wall was an area for performers which showcased a pole dance/monkey bars type contraption for both male and female dancers. This space was used only moderately and could have been utilized much better. It would have been a great showcase for some light BDSM demonstrations as there was more to it than what I have pictured below. I don’t believe it was in use at all on Sunday.

I wandered around the show floor a bit. I was in work mode, dressed in my “uniform” of a yellow polo shirt with my company logo. I was easily ignored, which is kind of what I wanted. I was there to observe on Saturday. Sunday would be my more fun day.

A lot of porn stars had their tables and most were sponsored by their distributors. Brazzers had a huge area up front and center. Later in the day and into the night, the line of people wanting to get photos or autographs of their favorites would grow. Other areas featured celebrities such as Stormy Daniels, and Tiny Texie, the world’s smallest proportioned stripper. (I loved her hair!)

The line for the Brazzers booth
Stormy Daniels booth. I never did see her
Tiny Texie and her goddess hair

There were a lot of vendors selling toys, photos, videos, and weed – lots of weed. The convention center also hosted a 420 convention a few weeks before this one. Marijuana is now legal in New Jersey so there were a lot of people taking advantage of that.

As I wandered around, I made sure to leave my business card and bookmarks at strategic locations. One place I found was a see-saw (again keeping with the playground vibe) with dildos attached. It had a holder for cards so I made sure to leave mine there. I did see a few people using the see saw over the weekend, but everyone used the dildos to grab onto with their hands rather than straddle them.

My card in the see saw

There was a performance stage set up in the back with a large area for viewing. There was also an elevated seating platform for attendees who purchased VIP passes. Throughout the weekend different performers and a few contests happened on stage. Tiny Texie did her striptease to the largest crowd I saw there. There was also a performer called Pollyannie who made works of art live on stage. She used her entire body as the tool. Her work was heavily influenced by the music accompanying her. It was part dance, part performance. Her works were then for sale afterwards at her table.

Pollyannie getting spanked after one of her performances

There was a lot happening on that stage – rope demonstrations, fetish and kink, pole dancing, etc. I was pleased to see a BBW/curvy girl fashion show. There were quite a few BBW/curvy models with booths also. I was glad to see the representation.

BBW/curvy representation

In the next segment I’ll go into what I did Sunday and into the seminars that were also part of my Exxxotica experience.

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