TOY TEST – Ifonnx Envi Clitoral Stimulator

June 19, 2022

This toy left me somewhat confused and a bit underwhelmed. Although the box said a user manual was included, I could not find one; instead there was a card looking for people to join their toy testers. The shape of this vibe left me wondering. I guessed in a good situation the smaller end could rest against the outside of the vulva while the dildo end nestled inside (kind of like a paperclip would set). I think I actually broke the curved neck of the toy while trying to use it, as there was an audible crack, but that actually made it more flexible and easier to use. Since the smaller end has pressure points on the inside curve, that has to be able to be held against the more sensitive areas such as the clit. A user’s manual or a video on their website would be a good idea for clueless users like myself. While there are probably myriads of ways to use it, knowing the basics would be good.

I did enjoy the larger dildo end. It was girth enough to give me a little stretch and the 10 vibration patterns gave enough variety to scroll through. However I felt the motor could be stronger. The vibrations weren’t as strong as I like them and seemed to missing a high gear. The smaller end was the better toy for me, once I found the right spot. I was getting a bit frustrated until I broke that neck and was able to use those nubs against my clit.

Overall it’s a good toy, though under-powered, especially for the price of it. I give it a 3.2 out of 5 so it is well above average.

The Ifonnx Envi can be purchased here –

The full video of my test will be on my Pornhub – – once this review is published.

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