Surprise Visit (Part Two)

March 18, 2022

I slept very well that night, partially due to the long drive and partially due to the extreme fuck session. I awoke bright and early the next morning and waited for his call eagerly.

The call, however, was not a cheerful one.

It seems the heater in his house went out overnight. He had a call out to the repairman and couldn’t really leave until he heard from him.

“[It’s] Really annoying to be sitting here doing nothing when I could be there doing deviant things to you.”

Finally the repairman called. He wouldn’t be able to make it out to look at the heater until noon.

“I can come over now for a little bit,” he said.

It would have to do.

He came over, alright. And we both came a few times.

For a man who once said he didn’t like blowjobs, he sure responds to mine quite well.

But it was over way too soon.

After about an hour he went back home to meet the repairman. Unfortunately the repairman took too long and was unable to finish the job that day. My guy had to go to work, and the repairman would have to return in the morning.

Disappointment again.

By then, too, the weather forecast was not looking good for Saturday, the day I planned on returning home. With everything going on with him, and with the weather turning, after much deliberation we decided it would be best for me to drive home Friday.

So I got to see him maybe an hour and a half the whole time I was there.

But I did get to see him. And we did get a couple things checked off of our sex “bucket list” (a list that keeps growing).

You may be thinking it was all a ruse – that his problems were fabricated. It could be. I did not want to pry. But believe me, I thought about that, a lot. Too much. I want to believe him. But my emotions have been all over the place this week. He also has been rather quiet this week, which he has a tendency to be after our disappointments. His quietness unnerves me and really makes me wonder what is going on. He has talked to me a little bit, but it has been short conversations, not our usual lengthy teasing as and sexting. I always wonder if our banter will return. It always has in the past, so I have to believe it will this time.

I have to believe. And be patient.

But my mood is not good.

Also since I got home, I’ve been on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection, which explains the blood. I thought maybe it was due to the rough nature of our sex. I told him, and he said “Oh good. I didn’t break you ;)”

He’ll be back.

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