TOY TEST – To Tetsu

March 6, 2022 delivers another HUGE hit with their To Tetsu model.

This toy, painted Big Dipper Blue, is a marvel to look at. The variations in color from blue to arctic white leaves a cool impression on the mind, almost an icy motif. But they toy itself is anything but cold. In fact it will leave you hot and panting, wanting more especially if it’s size seems too much to handle.

Standing about 8.27″, it features an insertable length of 7.09”. The impressive numbers don’t stop there. The diameter of its head is 1.42″, and the bone-like shaft can be measured at a diameter of 2.24” mid shaft, and 1.97″ at the lower portion. It also weighs a hefty 1 pound, 3 Oz. It does come in other colors including black, “flame Sakura” (red and white), “Taurus” (blue and cream/yellow), and “”Graffiti” (rainbow). It also features an inverted built-in suction cup that is a bit difficult to secure, but once it’s attached is quite firm and strong.

The beveled tip is a real asset and helps guide the rest of the toy. While unable to get most of the shaft in me, I was able to glide more in than the other toy I used from them (German Shepherd). The tip was also good to tease my clit with. Due to its size and weight, I do believe this toy would be great to use with two people, with one person using the toy on the other. And remember, turnabout is always fair play. 😉

The scalloped edge of the tip also adds another layer of sensation. The knobby bone-like shaft seems to be almost jointed in the middle and gives you an extra stretch that may make you weep.

All-in-all it is a very good toy. I give it a 4.5 on a scale of one to five. It’s is a bit much to handle alone and it is a bit hard to get the suction cup to latch, but on a toy this size that is absolutely expected.

You can purchase the To Tetsu at by clicking here – – don’t forget to use promo code DESTERA at checkout for this or any item at for extra savings! Video of my test will be on my Pornhub today –

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