TOY TEST – Big Shocked / Sohimi Mini Sex Machine

January 21, 2021

Out of the box

My initial thoughts on this machine was not good, to be truthful. My first surprise was when I opened the box from and found this item to be manufactured and supplied by my old friends at I was not disappointed — I know all too well the kinds of products Sohimi makes — but I was surprised at the very least.

My second surprise came when I found it was not fully assembled. It was not difficult at all to put together, but in doing so, the housing on the thumb screw stripped and broke off. I was not able to tighten it by hand and had to resort to a wrench to tighten it enough that the dildo stayed upwards. The dildo portion is quite heavy (for a toy) and it took a bit of strength to tighten it to a place where it would stay at an angle to be used.

Stripped thumb screw housing

Another major problem I had was finding a surface to which it would stick. The suction cup is very large and locks by a switch on the base. I tried to stick it on my kitchen counter, but failed. Next I tried my bathtub edge as well as the wall, to no avail. I finally was able to stick it on the lid of my washing machine to put it through its paces. The cup lock switch also could be hard to move, which you would think would set it in place. I found it did help to moisten the cup area but it was not something that worked every time. Later I was able to attach it to my toilet seat lid for the full testing. And once I was able to get it stuck, it was attached very firmly with no slippage, so I will concede that point.

Initial tryout

Once I found a place I could attach it steadily that was also accessible for me, I had to clear my mind of the disappointment I was already feeling towards this toy. I wanted to have a neutral mindset while experimenting. I think it clouded my judgment still, however, as I straddled the toy for its testing. The dildo is a very good size (7.5” long, with 6.5” insertable, and extends another 1.5” in thrusting mode) and soft skinned, yet not floppy due to the mechanisms inside. It has 7 telescopic patterns, ranging from a constant gentle pulse to a wild rhythmic thrust, and a special design of 180 times-per-minute thrusts that should turn the sexual pleasure of vagina stimulation to the maximum. I, however, was not all that thrilled with it. It just seemed like just another thruster…

UNTIL I turned on the added vibrator motion. I wasn’t absolutely sure what the other button on the toy was for — it had a wavy pattern embossed on it but from past experience I knew that could mean either a warming toy, or a vibrator. I was glad to find it was a vibrator and that gave the toy a much better ride! It was exactly what I needed to finally enjoy it and make me cum. I later found it has 7 vibrating modes to make it a very outstanding clitoris stimulator and very good overall massager.

It is good that it can tilt to whatever angle you need it to, but the thumbscrew needs to be able to turn more easily and tighten better to make it easier to adjust. It is very nice to be able to have two hands free for a change. I do like that it is able to come off the base and be used as a hand toy as well, which gives it more versatility. It also has a remote that has a very good range.

My initial thoughts were going to have me rate this toy at three stars due to the problems I had with it. However after weighing my orgasm against everything else, I will give it a solid 4. If Sohimi can work out the bugs, it can go up to 4.5.

You can purchase the toy from – As always, use my promo code DESTERA at check-out for a discount.

The video of the test of this toy will be on my Pornhub on Wednesday January 26 – Please bevsure to watch it as well as check out m6 other videos and toy tests. I have also uploaded one of the videos with my guy for free viewing just this week!

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