Transfer Post – Maybe A Little Better

Thursday February 11, 2016

I must say I feel better today. Its been kind of weird with MM lately. Our conversations have been short and kind of terse. But today he apologized and explained because he has not been feeling well, he gets quiet. Which I totally understand. I do the same thing – like it takes too much energy to even hold a conversation. And he told me no to worry. I did reiterate again that if he ever wants out, to just let me know. I have felt so stressed and maybe even a little heartbroken these past few weeks thinking he was just done.

Unfortunately his wife will be visiting this weekend, so there goes another chance for me to see him. (sigh). I’d rather be with him when he’s well anyways. And being apart so long will just be a better reunion

My horoscope (for entertainment purposes only) seemed to back me up:

“You’re standing at a crossroads today, imagining what it will feel like to be on the other side of the intersection. You want to blast your way through any fear you encounter, but it grows more challenging with every step you take. You can see there are many alternatives, so what starts as an impulse turns into a much deeper consideration. Don’t rush the process; let your adventure unfold naturally, according to its own clock.”

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